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Digital Projection, Interactive Video, and Glow-in-the-Dark Paint on Masonite; Original Software and Hardware
50" x 70"

This project was created site specifically for my NOW exhibition at The Cigar Factory along with Hyalo 2 (Rose) and Hyalo 2 (Arch). In short, it projects an interactive video onto surfaces coated with glow-in-the-dark paint, which then capture in its glow a fading, photographic capture of that image, before being refreshed again with a new interactive video.

The base image projected is randomly selected from a compilation of site-relevent photos (of that town, building, or room, both originally photographed and taken from google maps and such). If any viewers are present in the room, the piece then recognizes them and integrates them into the projection in real time as a silhouette. The inside of the silhouettes, however, reveal an image of the space behind the wall, as if one could see through the wall into the exhibition in the room behind.

After some time of allowing interaction with the viewer, the piece stops on a still frame of the interaction, projecting that until a computerized shutter turns off the projector, so that the panels coated in glow-paint may phosphoresce with a photographic memory of the image projected onto it, which eventually fades until the shutter opens again and a new randomly selected image is projected once again.

Continuing the theme of site specificity and an enhanced awareness of space, the configuration of the panels themselves is taken from the floorplan of the Cigar Factory building itself (much the way traditional mandalas are, in fact, floorplans of temple structures). The fading glow provides an evanescent, cyclical, meditative event. Additionally, as the viewer moves throughout the room, interacting with this piece, he or she is brought into inevitable interaction with the other Hyalo Projection installations in the room.