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Eric Valosin, Christian artist, Family Business its a small small world
Logos II
Digital Print on Paper, Foamboard

A new gallery space opened recently in Chelsea, and YouTube art personality Hennessy Youngman put out an open call for works for a show he'd be curating called It's a Small, Small World. Aptly named, he'd be accepting absolutely ANY and ALL works dropped off to the gallery during the allotted window and cramming them into the 125 square foot closet of an exhibition space. My contribution to the show is the wall text for a work that does not actually exist. Being that the show would essentially function to make art disappear in the first place - good luck finding anything in that gallery - I thought I might as well make a work that embraces and preemptively co-opts that circumstance. However, the text could be taken to describe the piece as a metaphor for the very act of experiencing the gallery with a spiritual awareness. And so, whether the piece exists or not is essentially up to the viewer.